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KPDI Ventures is The Digital Incubator for
 our next generation of Innovators. With funding from the Ontario Black Youth Action Plan, our mission is to aid, incubate, nurture, encourage, challenge, support and celebrate young black entrepreneurs.

“ Creative, convivial and communal, our workspace is designed to provide all the practical elements young entrepreneurs need in setting up. We’ve created an environment to foster knowledge, share inspiration and create great products. We provide technology, expert advice, support and the occasional beer. Not to mention a terrific coffee shop downstairs. ”


KPDI Ventures is located in the trendy Leslieville neighbourhood at
the corner of dundas and logan ave in Toronto Ontario, CA.

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Internship Program

Tech Internship Program

KPDI Ventures will invite 25 post-secondary students and young professionals to intern with leading technology businesses. We’re looking for individuals with entrepreneurial drive, a great idea and the focus to bring ideas to fruition. Successful interns will be placed with organizations specific to their interests, skill-set and aspirations. Upon completing the Tech Internship a select few candidates will be invited to launch their own ideas in our Tech Incubator.

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Internship Program

Tech Talks & Connect Program

Our exclusive Tech Talks series brings experienced and insightful black technology celebrities into the community to share and inspire our next generation of innovators. Paired with full-day technology workshops and sector-specific Hackathons, our Tech Talks offer an unprecedented access to leading digital experts, an opportunity to solve community challenges with emerging technology, and in the process, identify individuals destined to be our next great innovators.

Internship Program

Tech Incubator

KPDI Ventures will offer 8 select young professionals the opportunity to launch their own idea in our state of the art technology incubator. We offer unique and dedicated workspace for our entrepreneurial colleagues, interns and mentors alike, in the heart of Leslieville, downtown Toronto. Creative and communal, our impressive workspace is designed to provide all the practical elements entrepreneurs need in setting up. We’ve created an environment to foster knowledge and inspiration. We provide technology, expert advice, the support of professional network of peers and advisors.

Together we will be a catalyst for change.


Our Partners

KPDI Venture’s vision is supported by a growing list of private and public partners intent on creating new and better opportunities for diverse technology startups.

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